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Greetings and Witchy Blessings to you all!

Welcome to our Third newsletter. As the wheel turns to Midsummer we focus this newsletter on this Sabbat. We apologise if you receive this newsletter after the Sabbat, we have been encountering some technical difficulties with computer on which the mailing list resides.

Midsummer Greetings

Litha the Summer Solstice or "Midsummer," the longest day of the year. -22nd December Southern Hemisphere

Deities: Mother Earth, Father Sun, the fey and fairy folk
Herbs: Roses, Rue, Vervain, St Johns Wort, Chamomile, Lavender and Mugwort.
Stones: Amethyst, Malachite, Golden Topaz, Opal, Quartz and Lapis Lazuli.

The sun is at its zenith now; the energies of nature have reached their highest point. Not only is the sun at its peak, so are the fairies and the fey. They flit to and fro, greening our hearts and tending our spiritual gardens. They lighten our steps and fill us with the warmth of joy and laughter. So as we honour the God and Goddess on Midsummer Day, we must pay homage to the fairy folk on Midsummer Night.

The God and Goddess, now mature in their deepening love, revel in the fertility of the earth despite the knowledge that from this point on, his power will begin to wane.

Decorate Altar with an herbal petition packet made up of herbs such as lavender, camomile, St. John's wort, vervain, or any other Midsummer herbs. All troubles, problems, and woe should be pored into this herb pouch, and then tied with a red string; to be thrown into the fire during the rite. Appropriate Foods include fresh fruits

Ways to Celebrate:
· Try for an early morning celebration and be up to greet the dawn.
· Decorate trees with solar symbols tied by yellow and blue ribbons.
· Make beeswax candles, combining sheets of wax and herbs. ·Burn one candle with the change of every season.
· Have a picnic in the outdoors.
· Leave a plate of food outside for the fairies. Drizzle it with honey.
· Kindle a fir of Oak, fir and St Johns Wort and jump over it to bring good health and good luck for the rest of the year.

Chant for use with Candle Magic

(Use five candles, set the candles in the four compass points with the fifth candle in the middle. Light each candle in turn as you progress through the chant)

By light of one, the spell is begun,
By light of two, the spirit is renewed,
By light of three, the heart dances free,
By light of four, the circle is complete once more,
By light of five, the magic is alive.

Candle Colours

RED - health, energy, strength, passion, element of fire, career goals, fast action, lust, Moon Blood, driving force, survival, sexual potency, fertility, courage, will power

PINK - love, affection, romance, emotional healing, peace, affection, partnerships, caring, nurturing, spiritual awakening, healing of the spirit, togetherness.

YELLOW - the sun, intelligence, accelerated learning, memory, logical imagination, breaking mental block, selling yourself, intellect, imagination, power of the mind, creativity, confidence, gentle persuasion, action, attraction, concentration, inspiration, sudden changes.

ORANGE - selling, action, business goals, property deals, ambition, career goals, success, legal matters, encouragement, adaptability, stimulation, attraction, sudden changes, control, power, draw good things, change luck.

GREEN - earth mother, physical healing, monetary success, tree and plant magic, growth, personal goals, generosity, abundance, fertility, good fortune, generosity, money, wealth, success, renewal, marriage, balance.

BLUE - good fortune, opening blocked communication, weight loss, wisdom, protection, inspiration, calm, reassurance, water elements, truth, inspiration, wisdom, occult power, protection, understanding, good health, happiness, peace, fidelity, harmony in the home, patience.

PURPLE - success, idealism, influence people in high places, third eye, spiritual power, self assurance, hidden knowledge, higher psychic ability, wisdom, progress, protection, honours, spirit contact, break bad luck, drive away evil, divination.

BROWN - influence, friendships, special favours, attract money and financial success, influence Earth Elementals, concentration, balance, ESP, intuition, study.

BLACK - reversing, uncrossing, binding negative forces, discord, protection, releasing, repel dark magic and negative thought forms.

WHITE - purity, spirituality and greater attainments in life, truth, sincerity, power of a higher nature, wholeness, the Goddess, peace, a substitute for any other colour.

GOLD - wealth, the horned God, winning, safety and power of the male, happiness, playful humour, good fortune, fast luck, great fortune, intuition, understanding, divination, fast luck, financial benefits, attracts higher influences, male deity powers.

SILVER - removes negative powers, telepathy, clairvoyance, intuition, dreams, astral energies, communication, the Goddess, victory, stability, meditation, develop psychic abilities, female deity powers.

Coming up:
22/12/01 Summer Solstice
31/12/01 Full Moon - Cancer - Blue Moon
14/01/02 New Moon - Aquarius
29/01/02 Full Moon - Leo - Wort Moon
02/02/02 Lammas

If you are interested in the 2002 Magical Calendar the cost is $20.00 (includes postage within NZ), it is available via the Witchaven Website or by replying to this newsletter. The calendar contains Astrological information along with Magical and Spell information. We have also included Pagan Festivals. The calendar has been designed for the NZ time zone.

Well on that note we will end this newsletter. Please let us know your thoughts and comments.

Until next Sabbat
Merry Part
Igrewl and Asrteia

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