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Merry Meet Friends

Greetings and Witchy Blessings to you all!

Welcome to our fifth newsletter. As the wheel turns to Mabon we focus this newsletter on this Sabbat.

On a personal note, we are please to announce the upcoming Handfasting of Brendon and Yvette (Igrewl) on Saturday 4th May. Congratulations and Blessings on your special day.

Mabon Greetings
The first day of Autumn, the Autumn Equinox, is known as Mabon. -21st March Southern Hemisphere

Deities: Mabon, Modron, Persephone, Demeter.
Herbs: Marigold, Sunflowers, Hibiscus, Rose Petals, Myrrh
Stones: Amber, Clear Quartz, Tiger-eye, Citrine

Named for the Welsh God - Mabon, whose name means ‘Great Sun’. Mabon marks the second harvest of the season, and is a time of rest after hard work. Once again day and night are equal. Nature declines, readying itself for the cold winter dark as the Sun God sacrifices himself to ensure life for his children. This sabbat is also known as "Harvest Home" and the "Festival of the Harvest Moon."

It is a time to remember our ancestors, those who have gone before us. We give thanks for all we have, all that we are and for what the future holds for us.

Ways to Celebrate:
• Have a potato bake. Rake up the leaves from the yard and use them for a bonfire to welcome the autumn season. Wrap up potatoes in foil and bake them in the fire.
• Have a family meal where you honour those who have gone before, go through photograph albums and talk through memories.

Decorate Altar with acorns, oak sprigs, pine and cypress cones, ears of corn, wheat stalks and other fruits and nuts. Basket with dried leaves of various colours and kinds. Appropriate Foods include the second harvest's gleanings: grains, fruit, and vegetables (especially corn). Cornbread is traditional, as are beans and baked squash.

The Magic of Jewellery:
Jewellery’s origin lies in magic. It was worn to avert negativity or ‘evil spirits’. It was also placed in tombs with other items to guard the dead. As perception of the energies within objects developed, certain stones and metals were associated with various organs and regions of the body and were worn to guard the health.

Where materialism has ruled over naturalism, jewellery has survived purely as ornamentation or at times as a statement of class distinction. Jewellery does still have ceremonial roles, such as engagement and wedding bands. But even these have lost their original magical messages.

A ring is a circle, symbolic of eternity, unity, reincarnation and the universe. All rings were once magical or sacred. In a magical sense, wearing a ring ‘binds’ you with power and energy. The finger on which a ring is worn has magical significance. Betrothal rings are traditionally worn on the third finger as it was thought to contain a nerve that went directly to the heart.

The necklace is simply a large ring worn around the neck. The powers and uses are much the same as those of rings. Because necklaces are often worn near the heart they can be used to work on emotions or to attract or strengthen love. Wearing a necklace of stones increases their energies because you are surrounding yourself with their powers.

Earrings were worn to guard the ears from negativity and disease. Later they became a symbol of slavery. Earrings are rings that are worn in the ears. Piercing the lobes to allow the wearing of rings is an ancient practice.

Coming up:
21/03/02 Mabon
29/03/02 Full Moon - Libra - Harvest Moon
13/04/02 New Moon - Aries
27/04/02 Full Moon - Scorpio - Hunters Moon
30/04/02 Samhain
04/05/02 Brendon & Yvette (Igrewl) are Handfasting

If you are interested in the 2002 Magical Calendar the cost is $20.00 (includes postage within NZ), it is available via the Witchaven Website or by replying to this newsletter. The calendar contains Astrological information along with Magical and Spell information. We have also included Pagan Festivals . The calendar has been designed for the NZ time zone.

Well on that note we will end this newsletter. Please let us know your thoughts and comments.
Until next Sabbat

Merry Part
Igrewl and Asrteia

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