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Merry Meet Friends

Greetings and Witchy Blessings to you all!

Welcome to latest newsletter. As the wheel turns to Ostara, and the spring bulbs brighten our parks and gardens, let us celebrate the time where dark equals light.

Thank you to those of you who have visited the site recently and sent your comments on the new format we value your comments and feedback.

Ostara Greetings

Ostara, (O' Star' ah), the Spring Equinox.

Deities: Eostre; The Spring Maiden; The Spring Lord.

Herbs: Jasmine; Rose; Violet.

Stones: Moss Agate; Green Moonstone; Orange Calcite; Rose Quartz.

This Sabbat takes its name from the free spirited Goddess Eostre. Legend has it that she turned a bird into a rabbit and the bewitched animal then laid coloured eggs. This story is the basis for the Easter bunny, spring egg hunts and most other traditions that are associated with this holiday.

The Spring or Vernal Equinox, marks the rekindling of life within the earth. The renewal of fertility to not only the physical world but also our spiritual lives.

The first true day of Spring. The Goddess, joyful in the strength and lust of Maiden, begins to blanket the Earth with fertility as the fields initiate their bright flourish of wildflower colours and the trees bring forth new buds. The God stretches and grows to maturity, his strength on the verge of conquering the darkness. At the Spring Equinox are the hours of dark and light equal, and from now until Mabon, the new Sun God will rule in strength.

O spring, beautiful season!
O goddess, beautiful goddess!
Come with joy to us now,
with goodness and plenty,
Come with tall flax that roots deeply in the field.
Come with corn, lots of corn, lots and lots of corn!
Look, we have sent girls to you bearing gifts to make you happy:
Look we have sent them to you bearing cakes made with fried eggs.
- Russian folksong

Ways to Celebrate:

Serve devilled eggs and milk instead of cakes and wine.

With a white crayon label boiled eggs with qualities you would like to add to your personality or life.

Dye each egg an appropriate colour. Bless the egg and eat it.

For some fun - try egg balancing right at the time of the equinox.
Plant an uncooked egg at each corner of your property to ensure a bountiful home life.

Decorate Altar with Flowers, buds, and blossoms; cauldron filled with spring water. Appropriate Foods include seeds (sunflower, pumpkin, sesame seeds) pine nuts. Sprouts; leafy, green vegetables. Flower dishes such as stuffed nasturtiums or carnation cupcakes. Fake carnation cupcakes: make spice cupcakes. Frost with pink frosting and place a fresh carnation petal on top of each cupcake. Stuffed Nasturtium blossoms: stuff the blossoms with a mixture of cream cheese, chopped nuts, chives, and watercress.

Coming up:

23/09/02 Ostara - Spring Equinox

06/10/02 New Moon - Libra

21/10/02 Full Moon - Aries

01/11/02 Beltane

2003 Calendars:
We have started work on the Witchaven 2003 Calendar. Orders can be placed @ mailto:calendars@witchaven.co.nz the cost for 2003 is $20.00 which includes the cost of postage.

Well on that note we will end this newsletter. Please let us know your thoughts and comments.

Until next Sabbat

Merry Part

Igrewl and Asrteia