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Greetings and Witchy Blessings to you all!



Welcome to latest newsletter, as we celebrate this time of fire and fertility, when we all tend to find ourselves walking with a spring in our step.


We are thrilled and excited to be working on the preparations for our first hands on Craft course in Auckland and the material for our new website offering of Correspondence courses. Thank you to those of you who have already sent indications of interest.


Thank you to those of you who have visited the site recently and sent your comments on the new content that has been added, we value your comments and feedback.



Beltane Greetings


Beltane, standing opposite the Wheel from Samhain, - 31st October Southern Hemisphere


Deities: May Queen, Stag Lord, Jack in the Green, the Green Man.

Herbs: Frankincense, Roses, Lemon Balm and Lemon Thyme.

Stones: Quartz, Sunstone, Orange Calcite, Malachite.


This fire and fertility festival is when we welcome the warmth of summer.


This Sabbat marks the celebration of life renewed with as much intensity as Samhain marked and honoured death and rebirth. The God is now full-grown to manhood. The Maiden, her fertility all-encompassing, stirs and rouses the God's desires. As they lay amongst creation, united as one by their eternal love, their union creates the new Sun God-to-be, the promise of rebirth to which we hold so close at Samhain. Yet, even though we're reminded at this Sabbat that all things have an ending, it is with joy and hope and desire and passion for the fertility of the world and for ourselves that we dance laughingly around the Maypole. For fleeting moments, the world stands still in promise of what might yet be, and the urge to love and merriment overwhelms.


Celebrants danced around the Maypole, in a sun-wise motion. Weaving flowers and vines tightly to the surface. The pole maintained its reign until it was replaced the following year, at which time it was split into logs to fuel the new Beltane fire.


Queen of the May, Jack of the Green
A more joyous time has never been.

Flowers bloom and children sing,
Fairies bless each river and sacred spring.

The Morris
dancers, stomp the Earth,
Wakening Gaia with blissful mirth.

Blessings flow all around,
Magic springs underfoot from the ground.

Love and Passions fill the air,
Celebration and revelry is everywhere.

On this day, My true love come to me,
Let us share our hears in festivity.

Dancers prance the Maypole round,
Laughter and music freely abound.

’s Fairy Folk now draw near,
Their laughter and magic is growing clear.

I share this day with those I love,
Healing Sun streams for above.

Flowers crown the Queen of the May
So blessed be this sacred day.

·       Ways to Celebrate:
• Light a long life candle at Sundown to invoke the Sun-God. Keep it burning until sundown at the end of the festival.
• Make a door wreath with fresh greenery and flowers. Decorate the rest of the house with any leftovers.
• Wear flowers and send some time with nature.
• Light a ring of candles and set up a Maypole in the middle. Decorate the Maypole with ribbons and flowers. Perhaps invite friends over to come and dance around it with you.
• Jump over the candles or walk around them and focus on what you would like to bring forth in the coming year.

Decorate Altar area with a small, potted tree inside the Circle. Make flower garland, string of beads, or small bags filled with flowers to hang from the tree in honour of the marriage of god and goddess. Appropriate Foods include dairy and dishes such as marigold custard and vanilla ice cream. Oatmeal cakes.


Places to visit, Books and Magazines to look out and other items of interest.

Llewellyns 2004 Magical Almanac

This publication contains a fantastic array of articles, foklore, recipes and myths. Containing more than 80 articles, there is a good chance that you will find something in this book to catch your fancy.  It is a publication that I wait with anticpation for each year, as I always find hours of pleasure to be held poring over it’s contents. A worthy addition to the bookshelves of practioners of various magical paths.

Our First Seminar, will be held at Spiritually Speaking at Pukekohe on 22nd November. A workshop to provide you with magical skills to use in your day-to-day life.


You will gain a practical overview of:

·         Magical Lore (the do's and don'ts)

·         Spell Casting Basics and Planning

·         Crafting Safely

·         Charms & Amulets

·         Collecting For Your Magical Needs

·         Magical Tools


Date: 22nd November 2003

Time: 1pm-4pm

Venue: Spiritually Speaking, 12 Hall Street, Pukekohe, Auckland.
Ph: 09 239 2410

Cost: $30.00
For  Bookings call Spiritually Speaking on 09 239 2410


Coming up:


09/11/03    Full Moon – Taurus

20/11/03 – 23/11/03 Mind Body, Spirit Exhibition , Sydney, Australia

22/09/03   Beginners Craft Course – Spiritually Speaking, Pukekohe, Auckland

24/11/03    New Moon – Sagittarius

09/12/03    Full Moon - Gemini

22/12/03    Summer Solstice

23/12/03    New Moon - Capricorn



2004 Calendars:

We have almost completed work on the Witchaven 2004 Calendar. Orders can be placed @ mailto:calendars@witchaven.co.nz the cost for 2004 is $25.00 which includes the cost of postage.


2004 Date Book:

We are working on the final layout of a Witchaven 2004 Date Book. At this stage we expect that the Date Book will be approximately an A5 size. Indications of interest or orders can be placed @ mailto:datebook@witchaven.co.nz  The cost of the Witchaven 2004 Date Book 2004 is $25.00 which includes the cost of postage.


Well on that note we will end this newsletter. Please let us know your thoughts and comments.

Until next Sabbat


Merry Part

Igrewl and Asrteia





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