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Yule 2004

Merry Meet Friends - Yuletide Greetings are sent your way

Welcome to our latest sabbat newsletter.  We have been undertaking and have planned a considerable amount of work on the website over the last and coming few months.

We have added new Resources pages, which comprise of reviews of places to visit, books read and other publications and websites. There are two new pages on Lavender and Rosemary which contain recipes and gift ideas to make and enjoy.

If you have visited the site recently you will have noticed that we have added new products and services to our online shop.

These services include:

- Personal divination services 
- House/business clearing, cleansing & blessings service
- Private consultations
- Herb garden design
- Supplier of specialist live herbs & seeds

Our products list now contains:

- Altar Equipment
- Amulets & Charms
- Books & Music
- Books of Shadows
- Brooms
- Crystals & Gemstones
- Cauldrons
- Granular Incense
- Handmade Books
- Herbs
- Inks
- Jewellery
- Resins
- Ritual Candles
- Ritual Oils
- Ritual Tools
- Runes & Tarot
- Smudge Sticks
- Statues

Our Course Facilitation Witches has also been busy with reviewing the responses to the online course assignments and the preparation and review of our Course Website, which can be found at http://course.witchaven.co.nz .

Look out for Photos and a write up of the Witches Ball which we are attending on Saturday 19th June. Lilly from Cauldron Craft in Auckland has been a driving force behind this event and we are thrilled to be able to support her in this endeavour.

Places to visit, Books and Magazines to look out and other items of

Natures Energy  – 105 Glebe Point Road, Glebe, NSW 203, Australia (+61 2 9660 8342)
This is a great shop to visit if you are in Sydney and are looking or essential oils, candles, herbs, soaps or incense. Among there other offerings are Therapies for the body and soul which range from massage to reflexology, and facial treatments; Holistic Therapies : including Herbal. Naturopathic, Homoeopathic and Iridology consultations, Tarot readings and Spa/Sauna/Mud baths.
They are open 7 days a week and it is essential to book in advance if you are wanting a consultation.

Llewellyns 2004 Wicca Almanac –A new take on the Llewellyns Almanac series. This almanac is described as 'A Hip Manual for Young Pagans, Wiccans and Witches', and I would have to say that it lives up to this description. I have had a number of chuckles over some of the articles contained in this volume and would recommend its inclusion on any bookshelf.

http://www.inthemist.org/forum/   Wicca, Witchcraft and Paganism Community Forum in a message board format. This forum was one mentioned in the Llewellyns 2004 Wicca Almanac, and one that I am really pleased that I have joined. The message boards have some very tight restrictions about who is able to do what, but it provides a very safe environment for those in the World wide pagan community to share their views. This is a No Spell message board, also if members under the age of you are aged between 13-18 they prefer to have a parent/guardians permission for you to join.

Yule or Midwinter  - 21st June Southern Hemisphere

Deities: Mother Bertha; Father Winter; Santa Claus; Kris Kringle; St
Nick; The Kings of Holly & Oak.
Herbs: Chamomile; Rosemary; Ginger; Sage; Cinnamon.
Stones: Quartz; Blue Sunstone; Emerald; Ruby; Sapphire.

The Solar festival Yule, marks the first day of winter, occurring at the winter solstice. This is the day that the Sun is reborn to warm the Earth again and marks the shortest day of the year and hence, the time of greatest darkness. A festival of joy and light, we gather for song, feasting, and gift-giving. As the Goddess tends her new-born son, she rests from her labours for the current moment, in order to prepare for the change and growth of the coming seasons. It celebrates the birth/return of the Sun God.

Ways to Celebrate:

To ensure good luck and prosperity in the coming year, anoint a
bayberry candle with vegetable oil and roll it in dried chamomile. Light
the candle and allow it to burn down completely.

Foods of the Mid-Winter Solstice : turkey, cakes and puddings made
with dried fruits, fruits that represent the new-born sun such as
tangerines or oranges.

Rise before light breaks on the Solstice Day and light a golden candle
to greet the dawn. Let it burn itself out.

Make a Yule log from a piece of Oak, decorate it with evergreens and burn it.

Decorate Altar with evergreens (pin, rosemary, bay, juniper, and cedar)
and Dried leaves. Appropriate Foods include nuts, apples, pears, cakes
of caraway’s soaks in cider, pork. Serve Wassail, hibiscus, or ginger
tea to drink..

Coming up:

02/07/04 Full Moon - Capricorn – Ice Moon
17/07/04 New Moon -Cancer
01/08/04 Full Moon - Aquarius - Snow Moon -IMBOLC

Well on that note we will end this newsletter. Please let us know your
thoughts and comments.
Until next Sabbat

Merry Part
Igrewl and Asrteia

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