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Greetings and Witchy Blessings to you all!



Welcome to latest newsletter, as we celebrate this time of fire and fertility when spring has definitely sprung and summer is just around the corner. We are certainly beginning to feel the warmth of the Summer sun.


We hope that you all have enjoyed whatever celebrations you have held or attended to mark Beltane. Members of the Witchaven Grove were honoured with Druidic presence on Saturday at our Grove Sabbat Gathering. May all of our wishes that were cast in the Beltane Fire come to fruition.


The last Sabbat has been very busy for us. Igrewl has become been registered as a celebrant, we've had an interview in the Dominion Post and we've been interviewed for a TV show and a documentary.

Our major project of the year is near completion. We are very pleased to announce a new and very special Witchy interactive software product being launched by the Witchaven Grove at the Magick Earth Festival in November. The software has been designed to be interactive takes you through the Witchaven homestead and garden includes magic room, library, grimoires, candle magic, divination room, potions room, herb garden and heaps of other great information. For those who aren't able to get to the Magic Earth Festival, we will be launching the CD on the website on the 21st November.

We'll be offering our 2006 Calendar in a downloadable eco friendly Pdf format for $5.00, orders can be placed by emailing calendar@witchaven.com payment via paypal or internet banking please advise how you wish to pay and we'll send you the appropriate information. The Calendar will be released on 1st December.

A big thank you for all the support we received when our server passed on to the Summerland, it was very unfortunate that the backups wanted to join it. We're pleased to say we've recovered most of our data, sadly our course information has proven illusive, so please bear with us while we rework some of our newer courses. Current Grove members will be given an extra 6 months on their membership due to our newer courses not currently being available.

It seems that everything needs to be done at once! With the CD launch only 2 weeks away, the 2006 Calendar needing to be completed, the shop to be reopened and the newer courses to be reworked, we've been a bit stretched resource wise. Thankfully Keryn has consented to join the Grove development and marketing team and we're thrilled to have her expert organisational and management skills on board. So it's full steam ahead!

A diary note for next year : Our Auckland Course calendar will be available late January starting late February. We'll also be holding several Women's restorative retreats starting from late April.

Beltane Greetings


Beltane, standing opposite the Wheel from Samhain, - 31st October Southern Hemisphere

Lady of the day

Clad in blossoms of the May

Happily you laugh and play

Lead me on your joyful way

And one day bring me home 


Beltane is the fire and fertility festival where we welcome summer. It is a time for escaping from our daily chores, and for enjoying all that life has to offer.

This Sabbat marks the celebration of life renewed with as much intensity as Samhain marked and honoured death and rebirth. The God is now full-grown to manhood. The Maiden, her fertility all-encompassing, stirs and rouses the God's desires. As they lay amongst creation, united as one by their eternal love, their union creates the new Sun God-to-be, the promise of rebirth to which we hold so close at Samhain.

Yet, even though we're reminded at this Sabbat that all things have an ending, it is with joy and hope and desire and passion for the fertility of the world and for ourselves that we dance laughingly around the Maypole. For fleeting moments, the world stands still in promise of what might yet be,  and the urge to love and merriment overwhelms.

Associated Deities: May Queen, Stag Lord, Jack-in-the-Green, the Green Man
Associated Herbs: Frankincense, Roses, Lemon Balm, Lemon Thyme
Associated Crystals: Quartz, Sunstone, Orange Calcite, Malachite

       Ways to Celebrate:
Light a long life candle at Sundown to invoke the Sun-God. Keep it burning until sundown at the end of the festival.
Make a door wreath with fresh greenery and flowers. Decorate the rest of the house with any leftovers.
Wear flowers and send some time with nature.
Light a ring of candles and set up a Maypole in the middle. Decorate the Maypole with ribbons and flowers. Perhaps invite friends over to come and dance around it with you.
Jump over the candles or walk around them and focus on what you would like to bring forth in the coming year.

Decorate Altar area with a small, potted tree inside the Circle. Make flower garland, string of beads, or small bags filled with flowers to hang from the tree in honour of the marriage of god and goddess.
Appropriate Foods include dairy and dishes such as marigold custard and vanilla ice cream. Oatmeal cakes.


Goddess Wisdom.

Maia is mainly remembered as the goddess of spring and rebirth, she makes the lush green grass and the fragrant flowers grow again. As summer approaches, her energy inspires flowers to reach for the sky. The earth is juicy, rich, fertile and magic the perfect time to empower summer wishes with goddess inspiration.


Related essences: Rose, musk, jonquil, vanilla, hawthorn
Related gemstones: Emerald, jade (green stones)


Maia is the Greek goddess of spring, from whom we derive the name of the month of May. Her traditional day of celebration is on May 1st, when joyous men and women, wearing vibrant green, dance around a may- pole to welcome spring. In the Celtic tradition of Beltane, it was mostly a time of unashamed human sexuality and fertility, where customs such as archery tournaments, dances, feasting and music were conducted to celebrate the coming of spring. The Druids instituted May bonfires to assure successful planting and plentiful harvests.

Coming up:


02/11/05 New Moon - Scorpio
16/11/05 Full Moon - Taurus
18/11/05 - 19/11/05 MAGICK EARTH FESTIVAL, PIOPIO - Launch of the Witchaven Interactive Homestead CD
17/11/05 - 20/11/05 Mind Body, Spirit Exhibition , Sydney, Australia
21/11/05 Witchaven Interactive Homestead CD Launched on Website
02/12/05 New Moon - Sagittarius
16/12/05 Full Moon - Gemini
22/12/05 Summer Solstice
31/12/05 New Moon - Capricorn - Black Moon


Well on that note we will end this newsletter. Please let us know your thoughts and comments.

Until next Sabbat


Merry Part

Igrewl and Asrteia


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