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Merry Meet Friends

Greetings and Witchy Blessings to you all!

Welcome to our latest newsletter.

It has been nice to notice the changing colours of the landscape as the weather turns cooler in this part of the world. The road trip down the island to Levin certainly provided the Witchaven Team with the opportunity to enjoy some of the wonderful landscapes that this county is able to provide and that often we do not get the opportunity to enjoy. There has also been a couple of mornings where there has been a little nip to the air, reminding us that winter is just around the corner.

Magic Earth Festival 2006
Thanks Ginny and your team for organising t
he last Magick Earth Festival which was held over the whole Easter Weekend  at Tatum Park, approx 10kms south of Levin. The Witchaven crew certainly enjoyed ourselves. We certainly appreciate all the effort that you all expended to host the event.

Greenman Festival 2007

The Greenman Festival Team were excited to launch the Greenman Festival 2007 at Magick Earth and to release some of the limited edition Greenman Pendants....watch out they will be the accessory of the festival.

The team are extremely excited to announce that the Festival will be held over the weekend of 2-4  February 2007, with the venue being Prana Spiritual Retreat on the Coromandel, just north of Whangamata. A place which we all feel is truly magical.

Ticket prices for the weekend start at $150.00 per person for those who hold one of the limited edition pendants or for anyone who pays in full before 20th June 2006. Tickets purchased after 20th June are $180.00 per person. The ticket price includes 3 nights camping, entrance to the festival, workshops, demonstrations and entertainment.

Planning is well underway and the team recommend keeping an eye on the festivals website www.greenmanfestival.org for contact information and more the exciting details as they are announced. We will be including updates in each sabbat newsletter.

Technical Update

We are going to be moving the Witchaven Website to a new server this month, which may mean that there could be occasions when the site is unavailable for limited periods of time. Rest assured that we have not gone away, but are merely re-locating.... and that usual service will be restored soon :)   .

As the wheel of year completes full circle turn to Samhain we focus this newsletter on this Sabbat.

Happy New Year!!!!! & Samhain Greetings

Samhain (Sow'-en), is celebrated on May 1 in the Southern Hemisphere.

Associated Deities: Hecate, Pan, Persephone, Hades, the Morrigan
Associated Herbs: Bayleaf, Lavender, Mugwort, Nutmeg, Sage
Associated Crystals: Obsidian, Black Onyx, Bloodstone, Amethyst, Opal

Also known as Halloween, or All Hallows Eve, this Sabbat  celebrates the final harvest of the season. It defines the role of death in the cycle of life. It is the end of the year, and a day for tying up loose ends and for putting things to rest.

It was traditionally the time when the livestock was culled, with those not likely to make it through the winter slaughtered in order to provide food for the village. For us, it's a time to reflect on what this year now ending has brought to us, and to come to terms with that which we wanted but were not able to achieve.

Its a time to  recognise the passing of family, friends, and those in the community who have passed on within this year and ancestors which have gone before. It is said on this night that the veil between the worlds is at its thinnest.

This night is  of special importance, belonging neither to the old year nor yet to the new one. At such times, communication with those who have passed over and not moved on yet may be possible.

Spirits you are welcome here, Rejoin this home and have no fear, We’re glad to have you - you may stay. Until you need to fly away.

Appropriate items with which to decorate your Altar include: apples, pomegranates, pumpkins, squashes and other late autumn fruits. Autumn flowers like marigolds and mums.

Appropriate Foods to include in your Samhain Feast include: beets, turnips, apples, corn, nuts, gingerbread, cider, mulled wines and pumpkin dishes are appropriate, as are meat dishes. 

Ways to Celebrate:
• Since this is the beginning of the dark time of the year. Farewell the sun and wish him well as he rests. Until he is reborn at Yule.

    Farewell, Dear Sun, who warms the earth
    Who, with your light, brings joy and mirth
    Close your eyes now - go to sleep
    Rest peacefully in Darkness deep
    Until the Yuletide fest begins
    And you are born to us again.

• As this is a time of endings, magic is often performed to get rid of unsatisfactory personal characteristics or break bad habits. Write the trait or habit on a piece of paper and burn it.
    I burn this trait now from my life,   
    Upon this sacred Samhain night,
    It is gone from me at last  
    Just a memory from the past.

Goddess Lore: Hecate

Hecate is the crone witch goddess that shapes her subjects' lives in ways not obvious from a conscious perspective. Her mysterious magic steers you in the right direction at a time when you may feel you are at a crossroad.

Hecate completes the goddess triad of the Maiden (Persephone), the Mother (Demeter) and the Wise Woman (Hecate). She walks between the seen and unseen world but resides in neither, carrying a flaming torch so she can see where other can't - into the human psyche. She is accompanied by her dog (or horse), her sacred animals, and offers her magical protection in times of danger.

Coming up:

13/05/06 Full Moon – Sagittarius
27/05/06 New Moon - Gemini
12/06/06 Full Moon - Capricorn
21/06/06 Yule’s Eve – Winter Solstice
22/06/06 Yule Day

As the wheel turns full circle to Samhain and the year begins anew, now is the perfect time to take the opportunity to clean out, revitalize, renovate and to renew. Take the time to review where you have been, where you are now and then assess where you want to be.

Whether you are just taking the time to re-organise your altar, your sacred space, your home, your garden or even just to re-organise your wardrobe, enjoy and prepare for the new year

Well on that note we will end this newsletter. Please let us know your thoughts and comments.
Until next Sabbat

Merry Part
Igrewl and Asrteia
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