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Greetings and Warm Witchy Blessings to you all

So what is Witchaven?

Well its just what it says a haven for Witches, Druids and many other Pagan Craft followers. We wanted to provide a website that would give information, support and general encouragement to folk not just within the southern hemisphere but around the world.  We are currently reviewing and renewing our site content.

We've been around in one way or another for quite some time now, and have been hanging around cyber space for around 20 years. Prior to the web, we were housed on a couple of boards, one in NZ and one in the US. From small beginnings came the bigger world wide organisation we now call the Witchaven Organisation. (Yep we do pre date the game of the same name)

Predominately, we're a support and educational group. We provided courses, workshops, social events and the website. We don't profess to have all the answers but we hope there's something in here for everyone and it's just a starting block for seeking more information. The information in this website is from many sources, some as a family we agree with, some we don't. But we feel that all information and all paths are valid and worth investigating.

We encourage all Seekers to do just that SEEK! There are many and varied paths out there, we advise you check out each and every path you come across. Information and being informed about what's out there is NEVER wrong. We do encourage you to get off the net and go find some flesh and blood people to interact with, face to face communities are still the best way to learn and grow.

Treat those who treat other paths with contempt to a dose of their own medicine or better still ignore them. You and only you can decide what is right for you. Be safe, be informed, trust your gut as much as your head and heart. Never be swayed into doing something that you feel is wrong, or not for you. Those who would bully you into going against your better judgment should be avoided at all costs. Your Path is YOUR PATH, if others try to live yours for you, you have to ask yourself "what's wrong with theirs?"

Of course it's great if you can find some good teachers/guides/mentors to help you on your way, but show discretion in your choices. Look for honest, humble and honorable people, who will likely tell you the pay off for them is they learn as much from you.  They wont want to control or to exert power over you, they wont want your money, your body or your possessions. Honestly these folk are really rare, you wont find one on every corner, but if you find one they're a treasure to be admired and valued.

Witchaven is sponsored and run by the family Grove currently based in 3 main areas, UK, Australia and New Zealand however we have family representatives all over the world. Our family oversee and advise the path and direction and what work, the Witchaven organisation will take on. We do have selected volunteers from outside of the family who assist with some of our projects and running of the courses etc. As a Family Grove, we don't open our doors to outsiders for our Craft workings or rituals, we have always been this way. We are and will continue to be a closed "Order". This doesn't mean however that we cant support and encourage others who find the Pagan path, so this is our way of contributing to our Pagan and General community.

As two thirds of our family Grove are in the Southern Hemisphere and our seasons are different to those of our northern hemisphere cousins and we felt that there was a need to provide information that acknowledges these differences so you may notice that there is a Southern Hemisphere slant to our information. Although we're not a Sabbat based tradition as such, we have set our newsletters around the Sabbats that are currently used by the majority of the Pagan Path at this moment and it's a good way of spacing out our contact with you.

All the information on our site is from private donation or of the public domain We have by choice, decided not to publicly acknowledge individual contribution but to return thanks to the universe who provided the resources in the first place. 

This site is built on LOVE and CONTRIBUTION and if any Craft brothers or sisters wish to contribute either a picture or some information, we will receive it with grateful thanks, however we do reserve the right not to use information that we feel is not within keeping of the site ideals.

Blessings & Welcome

The Witchaven Family Grove